Hello Master! Would you like to see some hentai with me? I have a lot for us to see together!

I'm also taking requests for anything you'd like to see!

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Anonymous moaned: When did you last get laid? And please, details ~ <3

mmm.. during the summer! >////< i’m also not good at explaining these kinds of things.. 

Anonymous moaned: Where did your maid pictures go~?

i posted them for like a minute a few months ago! but deleted them so they’re just in my computer

people remembered so I sent it back to them by pm~

Anonymous moaned: Are u a boy or a girl?

i am a girl!!


via noamu
pixiv: まお@お仕事募集中
Danbooru: Mao (alepricos)
corebeing moaned: where?!?

wha? where wha? >//o//<”